Why Rosewood Texas Raised Wagyu Beef?

Sheer perfection. That’s what you get in every single mouth-watering bite of Rosewood Texas Raised Wagyu Beef. Elevate your dining experience with the luxurious addition of a perfectly marbled ribeye; a rich, tender filet; or an immaculate, juicyhamburger. Absolute perfection is what you’ll find in each magnificent cut of Rosewood Texas Raised Wagyu Beef, a decadent indulgence.

It is our belief that healthy, well-fed cattle produce the pinnacle of meat, delicious beef that is good for you. In order to make certain that every single cut of beef consistently meets Rosewood’s high standards, our herds stay under our personal guidance from conception to plate. Our cattle are raised naturally, hormone and antibiotic free, to produce the finest quality beef with the fullest flavor possible.

We pay attention to the seasons and the natural cycles of the land, feeding on natural pastures all year long, protein-rich fodder from our reconstructed wetlands in dry times, and finishing on the finest grains available to ensure that incredible Kobe-style flavor. The care and nourishment we put into our cattle becomes the naturally pure, delectable goodness in every cut, every bite, of Rosewood Texas Raised Wagyu Beef.

We’re proud of our Texas Raised Wagyu Beef and here’s why: 

  • grass-fed, grain-finished
  • clean, all-natural, and hormone-free
  • raised without the use of antibiotics
  • environmentally sustainable
  • nourishing and good for cardiovascular health
  • excellently marbled, beyond US Prime ratings
  • the highest echelon of beef available
  • unbelievably delicious

…so, INDULGE!!