Rosewood Ranches & Jack Rose Cattle Co Introduce Texas Wagyu Beef


For 25 years, Rosewood Ranches has been perfecting all-natural Wagyu beef production. They partnered with Jackman Wagyu Beef Company last year to create their premium product, Rosewood Texas Raised Wagyu Beef, and it’s being introduced next Monday, July 14th. The cattle are naturally raised, sustainable, hormone- and antibiotic-free, grass-fed and grain-finished. Rosewood believes its holistic ranching systems and high level of care for the cattle produces the finest quality Texas-raised beef available, with superior marbling and nutritional value.

To date, Rosewood’s beef has been served at local restaurants such as Fearing’s, Neighborhood Services, Chamberlain’s and Nick & Sam’s. Expect to see this top-of-the-line Wagyu on local menus in the near future.