The story of the Rosewood Ranch dates back to 1858, When John Sands moved to Chatfield, Texas to grow cotton and raise livestock in the fertile Blackland Prairie. Since then, the Caroline Rose Hunt family has expanded the modest family farm into a collection of ranches stretching across Ellis, Henderson, Kaufman, and Navarro counties.

Our beautiful North Texas land, parts of which straddle the Trinity River, boast improved pastures of oat, wheat, and alfalfa; prairies of native-grass; and hardwood bottomlands abundant with wildlife and cattle. In this pristine setting, our focus is premium natural beef production.

Ranch Manager Kenneth Braddock has spent the last 25 years pioneering sustainable, local agriculture and holistic ranching systems. We’re dedicated to responsible breeding practices, preserving our natural heritage and conserving our land for the use and benefit of our grandchildren and great-grandchildren. With an eye to this future, we are committed to raising our cattle naturally and using our lands sustainably. In order to raise awareness of these productive and important practices, we are involved in community education through widely recognized wildlife outreach and environmental sustainability programs.