Rosewood Ranch

The Rosewood Ranch’s mission is to proudly deliver the healthiest, most mouth-watering, naturally raised beef in an environmentally sensible environment, as the utmost expression of our family’s rich ranching history.

Over the past one hundred years, the Rosewood family has been committed to producing superior quality beef.

Our land, our family and our decades upon decades of success allow us to concentrate on only premium beef production, such as the Wagyu and Angus-type breeds. We breed our cattle on strong bloodlines, well adapted to the North Texas climate, to produce our distinctly excellent Rosewood Texas Raised Wagyu Beef, optimally raised for flavor and taste. Now, we’re sharing those mouth-watering results with you.

All Rosewood calves are 50 percent Wagyu or higher, sired by bulls registered as either full-blood or pure-blood by the American Wagyu Association. Our unique breeding techniques allow us to know exactly what goes into our beef, from conception to the plate, guaranteeing that every cut will meet the Rosewood standard of perfection. Every single cut. No exceptions.

Whether you’re purchasing wholesale or retail – an entire truckload, dinner tonight or enough for your gala occasion – we guarantee delivery of the most exquisite beef on the market today; hormone-free and all natural, beef that will exceed your expectations.

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